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Janet Vargas

Natural Health Researcher

Inspirational Writer and Poet

I grew up in a little township in surroundings of beach, hills and country and have lived on a Beach Front not far from Adelaide South Australia.

When I encountered JESUS at the age of 20, I experienced a new found expression in my life and personality_ I could communicate quite freely, and had so much peace and joy in my heart. People noticed the change... one of vitality and friendliness........ some of these were neighbors of different religions, and the JWs could not compete with this reality ......... they stopped coming to our door......... something I wished for as my mum was so tolerant. I had intentions to be a night club singer, but quickly saw through the negativity in those sheets of music. Just after I threw them out I was given the most beautiful gift of songs...and my voice became fuller and free. Some years later as I was singing praises to Jesus one day, some neighbors enjoyed hearing and thought I had my voice trained.

Also, I experienced a remarkable healing from severe allergies I had at one time

and also two family members I asked Jesus to heal.........this was after simple spontaneous faith untaught......other answers to prayer....and two young women whose lives were changed from traumatic to joyful and victorious (on different occasions) when their hearts were drawn to the Love of Jesus through me - I had not met them before.

I had some good experiences where I attended Preaching-Praise services for some years but looking back now_ my own expression of vitality, candor..... simplicity and faith was quenched by the demands and expectations of those who preached and visiting preachers...it was no longer my experience but their experience when it came to those things I have previously described...free for the asking and living for ALL who desire.

In the 80's however, I experienced an avid interest in the area of Natural Health and pioneered the concept of therapeutic supplements with Herbs and Nutrients (together). This had not been done before. Due to being trusting at the time, a few of my formulas were pilfered and my concepts spread from east to west across Australia. At that time I took a positive step into the area of Independent Natural Research.

Having experienced a medically induced chemical imbalance some years ago, I developed an interest in researching what I call Brain Chemistry - not chemistry itself as I am not academic. There would always be a considerable amount of information available from Natural Health Professionals that were not geared to academics and they specialized in Nutrition. I developed an interest in Essential Oils, that I tried personally myself as I had supplements. Because I still had a chemical imbalance mostly that affected both thought and mood levels (not bipolar) I had the opportunity to try things out (not unwisely, I did this with knowledge) and through the years I have kept an interest in CNS Brain and Nerve Cells as I have with Anti-Aging and formulas.

In recent years, I have discovered very interesting information by Neuroscientists on Plasticity of

the Brain. They have now found that we can make new pathways in the brain - this relates to NEURONS. It's such an EXCITING discovery for Neuroscientists and Researchers alike!

When first I heard this, I was listening to a pioneer in this field who brought me blessed news and

insights along with various Nutrients I had found to benefit the brain. Recently, I have found

some interesting information by Psychologists in the area of Science Psychology and Experimental Psychology. I will share some things on this website but I won't go into a lot of detail and references like researchers often do, I am not skilled for that sort of thing. The approach to my work and sharing it is different. I like to keep things simple but interesting and mostly encouraging.

On one of my Christian websites, I have stated the following:

The World is not looking for more Preachers and Teachers. Churches are something that various Christians and religious people relate to_ but not the World. Jesus wants us to relate Him to those around us and afield in Relevant Ways through Avenues of their Interests - things they can Understand. This is achieved by SHARING ARTS & CRAFTS etc through Talents you have and can seek Him for. YES!

People don't want to "be churched" they have told us that but we have not heeded their voice. Maybe sometimes they're wiser because the Church System as we know it today, was actually introduced by the Roman Emperor Constantine for political advantage - he changed the actual Early Christian way of doing things into a State Institution.........and we have had this problem ever since.

Relating Christianity to People TODAY.

The world has so many church buildings with church programs and such_ people are invited and expected to come to them....and in the main, this has achieved very little. Our seeming religious acts and sometimes graces, have very little or no relevance to a lost and aching community, seeking for answers; craving for real love; searching for happiness but it does not last. Many look like they have it all "together" but their personal lives tell a different story.

This is where LOVE, JOY and PEACE comes in - presenting God's Nature through 'intelligible' ways in the community, the market place and the world. Jesus wants to go out to them today - that was always His Way. He never instructed them to go to a church (meeting place or building). The Apostles never actually did that (believe it or not) because the Christians of that day actually met together in houses - consisting of family, friends and fellow believers.

In Rom 16:5,14 1 Cor 16:19 Col 4:15 we see this and in Acts 2:46-47 (bible verses) things were starting to go this way.

The Apostles taught them in the Temple for a time because there was not any New Testament yet........

but notice the spread and practice of Christian Living actually took place in the homes........it was Family and Community? This is what takes place in many Non-Western countries who hear the Gospel.......

and their Christian Walk is actually stronger than ours - because it's healthier - I've heard this so many times!

Having said these things, true Christians have in their hearts and minds, revelation when it comes to the words of Jesus and the bible through His Spirit living on the inside of them and many have found this experience in Gospel and Praise services. So I am not saying it can't be a good thing but that we don't need all the rules and structure that accompanies most.

I am saying that when we experience Jesus, we find answers to life and life situations

that is sought by so many.

It is my intention to provide a Wholeness approach to Health on this website because that which is truly spiritual would be missing if I do not - there are some unbalanced Life Coaches and Mind Coaches out there - I feel that I have contributions to offer in both areas (natural and spiritual) especially since I have experienced a new gifting in Inspirational Poems and Writings since 2012.

You are welcome to visit my website called INSPIRATIONS FOR YOU if you like

where you will find lots of poems like Helen Steiner Rice wrote and beautiful pictures.

I wish you all well - ENJOY!