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Sugar Is Not Natural - See Why

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Here in this article, I would like to show you that Sugar is anything but Natural.
Some say "stay with sugar, you know what it is" and it's true that we need to keep away from the perils of Aspartame, Sucralose and other Synthetic Sweeteners that have bitter consequences to our health.

I intend to show you it is not good to Sugar because Sugar-Sweet can become Sour when it comes to our health. The Sugar Habit can be overpowering I know, as someone who got acutely anemic at the age of 30 - never liked sugar much before and got addicted to Peppermint TicTacs, finding them refreshing I lost my appetite for food most of the time. And it was the concentrated sugar content that kept me on them. This concentrated sugar would continually pick my mood level up and drop it down - I did not know
what was happening to me!


Everywhere, these days, there's SUGAR in everything almost
and it's a Culprit that deserves our contempt if we wish to protect our Health
- mentally, physically and emotionally - especially our kids.

It is not fair to see some kids obese and unhealthy even before they grow up
It is not right to see Health Stores marketing 'Organic Sugar' in the name of health.
Friends, that is a sneeky compromize. Anything for the Dollar!

ALL Synthetic Sweeteners are comprised OR adulterated with Nasty Chemicals
and Sugar is not far behind them because it goes through a Unnatural Process that actually
changes it into a chemical.  This takes place in the separation and crystallization
of all sugars - the so-called raw sugar and brown sugar included.
Sugar Cane will not be of any benefit to your health
whatsoever because the nutrients are all stripped away leaving you nothing
but empty calories.

What Eating Too Much Sugar Does to Your Brain
David DiSalvo  from Neuronarrative
Overeating, poor memory formation, learning disorders, depression — all have been linked in recent research to the over-consumption of sugar. And these linkages point to a problem that is only beginning to be better understood: what our chronic intake of added sugar is doing to our brains.

While a healthy diet would contain a significant amount of naturally occurring sugar (in fruits and grains, for example), the problem is that we're chronically consuming much more added sugar in processed foods, often in the rapidly absorbed form of fructose.
That's an important clarification because our brains need sugar every day to function. Brain cells require two times the energy needed by all the other cells in the body; roughly 10% of our total daily energy requirements. This energy is derived from glucose (blood sugar), the gasoline of our brains. Sugar (naturally occurring in food) is not the brain's enemy—
added sugar is.
Research indicates that a diet high in added sugar reduces the production of a brain chemical known as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Without BDNF, our brains can't form new memories and we can't learn (or remember) much of anything. Levels of BDNF are particularly low in people with an impaired glucose metabolism—diabetics and pre-diabetics—and as the amount of BDNF decreases, sugar metabolism worsens.

David DiSalvo is a science and technology writer working at the intersection of cognition and culture. He is the author of three book titles on brain health and he is frequently interviewed about science and technology topics, including appearances on NBC Nightly News and
CNN Headline News.

The Added Sugar David referring to is cane sugar in candy, added to tea and coffee, sugar granuels (white sugar, raw sugar and brown sugar) we have on our breakfast and in cakes and biscuits etc excessive fruit juice intake and high fructose corn syrup that is added to commercial drinks sold in supermarkets and most snack foods these days.


In the 1950’s Dr. William Coda Martin launched a battle against the refined sugars present in foods and drinks. So the knowledge of the adverse effects of sugar on health reaches as far back as then. In 1957 he explained how toxic food substances affect our mind and body adversely. The importance of these truths have been ignored for years by Governments, the Medical Profession and Education ever since apart from advice to diabetics and dieters.
What about the following important issues?
Why Sugar Is Toxic To The Body

Dr. Martin classified refined sugar as a poison because it has been depleted of its life forces, vitamins and minerals. "What is left consists of pure, refined carbohydrates. The body cannot utilize this refined starch and carbohydrate unless the depleted proteins, vitamins and minerals are present. Nature supplies these elements in each plant in quantities sufficient to metabolize the carbohydrate in that particular plant. There is no excess for other added carbohydrates. Incomplete carbohydrate metabolism results in the formation of 'toxic metabolite' such as pyruvic acid and abnormal sugars containing five carbon atoms. Pyruvic acid accumulates in the brain and nervous system and the abnormal sugars in the red blood cells.These toxic metabolites interfere with the respiration of the cells. They cannot get sufficient oxygen to survive and function normally. In time, some of the cells die. This interferes with the function of a part of the body and is the beginning of degenerative disease."
Refined sugar is lethal when ingested by humans because it provides only that which nutritionists describe as "empty" calories. It lacks the natural minerals which are present in the sugar beet or cane.
In addition, sugar is worse than nothing because it drains and leaches the body of precious vitamins and minerals through the demand its digestion, detoxification and elimination makes upon one's entire system. So essential is balance to our bodies that we have many ways to provide against the sudden shock of a heavy intake of sugar” it actually draws from our reserves of these vital nutrients depleting them over time (abbreviated).


In the Dark Ages, troubled souls were rarely locked up for going off their rocker. Such confinement began in the
Age of Enlightenment, after sugar made the transition from apothecary's prescription to candymaker's confection. "The great confinement of the insane", as one historian calls it,10 began in the late 17th century, after sugar consumption in Britain had zoomed in 200 years from a pinch or two in a barrel of beer, here and there, to more than two million pounds per year. By that time, physicians in London had begun to observe and record terminal physical signs and symptoms of the "sugar blues".
Meanwhile, when sugar eaters did not manifest obvious terminal physical symptoms and the physicians were professionally bewildered, patients were no longer pronounced bewitched, but mad, insane, emotionally disturbed. Laziness, fatigue, parental displeasure-any one problem was sufficient cause for people under twenty-five
to be locked up in the first Parisian mental hospitals.
Initially, when the General Hospital was established in Paris by royal decree, one per cent of the city's population was locked up. From that time until the 20 century, as the consumption of sugar went up and up-especially in the cities-so did the number of people who were put away in the General Hospital.
Three hundred years later, the "emotionally disturbed" can be turned into walking automatons,
their brains controlled with psychoactive drugs.
Today, pioneers of orthomolecular psychiatry, such as Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Allan Cott, Dr. A. Cherkin as well as Dr. Linus Pauling, have confirmed that mental illness is a myth and that emotional disturbance can be the first symptom of the obvious inability of the human system to handle the stress of sugar dependency.
In Orthomolecular Psychiatry, Dr. Pauling writes: "The functioning of the brain and nervous tissue is more sensitively dependent on the rate of chemical reactions than the functioning of other organs and tissues.
I believe that mental disease is for the most part caused by abnormal reaction rates, as determined by genetic constitution and diet”.

Extracts from Sugar Blues, © 1975 by William Dufty
It’s late in the day friends, that’s why these Issues are now being addressed by dedicated professional researchers and scientists. You can be sure that most general practitioners and specialists will remain ignorant for some time.

Is Sugar Toxic? Insane But True Things
by Jedha Dening Nutritionist (MNutr.Bssc)

People are consuming astronomical amounts of sugar

Compared to 100 years ago we now consume more than 100% more sugar. Going from a mere 10 pounds per person per year, to an estimated 130-180 pounds per person per year! That statistic is incredible but believable. Sugar is hidden in so many modern foods, so most of the time it is being consumed unknowingly. All of those common processed and packaged food are made from refined carbohydrates that convert into sugar in your body.
Sugar is equivalent to cocaine

Eric Stice, a neuro scientist, studies how sugar affects the brain. As if we didn’t know already but sugar is highly, highly addictive! In fact you may be surprised to know that it activates the brain in the same way as cocaine. It is literally as addictive as this highly potent drug! And just like a drug, the more sugar we eat, the more we build up a dependence, it blunts the response in our brain so we need to eat more and more and more.
Consumption of sugar is also linked to mental/emotional conditions of the brain such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, cognitive disorders and many others. It causes chemical reactions in both our bodies and our brain as Eric Stice clearly shows in his studies.
Sugar is a killer
So is sugar toxic? Well according to the definitions given above, yes sugar is highly toxic!
Although we might like to think we can get away with eating it, our bodies do not lie. And the millions of people’s bodies around the world suffering from illness do not lie!
Sugar has been linked in many studies by many researchers all around the world to the development of heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even death! Certainly it’s not always the whole picture, but it is one of the largest contributors.
Lewis Cantly, a cancer researcher, has been studying sugar as a main contributer to the rise in cancer. He says that this is because insulin causes so many adverse affects to cells in the body. Eating sugar equals increased insulin! So limiting our sugar intake decreases our chances of contracting cancer. Refer to the paragraph above where it states how the cells don’t get enough oxygen to function. And in the video below Dr Cantly shows how sugar feeds cancer cells.
Another study by Kimber Stanhope, a nutritional biologist, shows that participants consuming sugar had increased blood levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad stuff), and cardiovascular disease. This can happen in just 2 weeks of increased sugar intake, so imagine what years can do to our cholesterol and heart condition.

Why Sugar Makes Us Sleepy – And Protein Wakes Us Up
By Jonah Lehrer
Consider the orexin system. Secreted by a small cluster of neurons in the hypothalamus, orexin is a neuropeptide that regulates an astonishing array of mental properties, from sleepiness to hunger. People with chronically low levels of orexin suffer from narcolepsy and obesity; many also have cataplexy, which occurs when the experience of strong emotions triggers a sudden weakening of skeletal muscles. (Laughter makes them go limp.) Studies have shown that injecting mice with orexin increases metabolism, largely because it makes the animals more active. The reverse is also true: low levels of orexin make people feel rundown and tired. This helps explain the mechanics of sleep deprivation, as keeping monkeys awake for extended periods all but silences their orexin cells. (However, studies show that the exhaustion can be quickly cured with an injection of the peptide.) In many respects, orexin acts like an internal gas pedal, as even slight twitches in the system can dramatically shift levels of activity.

The reason the orexin system is so important is that it links the needs of the body to the desires of the mind. Several studies have demonstrated that the intake of sugar can decrease the activity of orexin cells, which is probably why we want to nap after a carb heavy lunch. This phenomenon also begins to explain the downward spiral of obesity triggered by our warped modern diet. Because we eat lots of refined sugars, washing down Twinkies with cans of Coke, we continually reduce levels of orexin in the brain, which then reduces levels of physical activity. In other words, we get fat and sleepy simultaneously.

However, not every food has such perverse consequences. It’s long been recognized that meals high in protein are both more filling and less exhausting, which is why we’re always being told to snack on almonds and follow the Zone Diet, with its balance of carbs, protein and fat. (This study, for instance, found that protein rich breakfasts significantly improved cognitive performance.) Although the biological mechanism behind this dietary wisdom has always been unclear, that’s beginning to change – we finally understand why consuming protein can be an effective weight loss tool. The answer returns us to orexin.

According to a new paper in Neuron led by scientists at the University of Cambridge, consuming foods high in protein can increase the activity of orexin neurons. This, in turn, leads to increased wakefullness and bodily activity, helping us burn off the calories we just consumed.

Sugar disturbs hormonal balance.

Sugar excess can set you up for insomnia.

Sugar creates spikes in your Insulin levels.

Sugar is 1 Atom away in chemistry structure to Cocaine.

Sugar intake elevates stress Cortisol levels.

Sugar daily intake is prematurely Aging like smoking.

Sugar adversely affects our Vision like too much TV

Sugar contributes to inflammation like coffee.

Sugar affects our memory like margarine does.

Sugar can sabotage your body and cause fat storage.

Sugar can set you up for Lethargy and Fatigue.

Sugar intake is more than mischievous it's dangerous!


Artificial Sugars are not a solution - don't opt for 10x worse.

Sugar is a legal drug without boundaries.

Sugar can impair our DNA function.

So as we can see, Sugar is no friend to have after-all when it comes to sweet comfort foods.

Not so sweet - Not so comforting.

What other ways does this friend/foe effect our health, need more Info?

That's OK, go to my SUGAR FACTS page.

I have easy to understand Info collated into separate lists for

Women - Mothers and Babies - Children - Aging Factors - Elderly

It was a lot of work. You will also find YouTube videos there!


But Do Avoid Artificial Sweeteners - Don't Opt for Them!

I have a page about Aspartame HERE and Misleading Sweeteners HERE

Artificial Sweeteners and Excessive Sodium  lead to Kidney Function Decline, Weight Gain, Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease.

According to studies of 3,000 women over an 11-year period, excessive intake of sodium and sweetened beverages correlate with kidney function. In a second study, women who drank two or more servings per day of artificially sweetened soda doubled their odds of kidney function decline.
Scientific studies have linked artificial sweeteners and/or diet soda to weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
As a society, we disregard these possible dangers to the detriment of our health. We have grown accustomed to the intense saltiness of restaurant meals and processed foods, and the intense artificial sweetness of Aspartame, Acesulfame K, and Sucralose. By cutting these harmful substances out of our diets, we can begin to enjoy the more subtle flavors of natural whole foods, and benefit our kidneys  in the process.


This Post is originally from my profession health site


Sugar is Not Natural, Affect on Our Mood and Brain

Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

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Sunshine is actually Good for You – Come outside and Enjoy some Again
Yes, it's Good for Flowers and it's Good for You too!

There is a necessity in these times for Switching Off from the Cares of Life and sitting or walking in the sunshine is a nice way to do that – accompanied with fresh air or quiet stillness where you can almost hear the silence. Even the quiet sounds around you can give you a peaceful sense of company, being tuned to the outdoor environment –
it is really quite restful.   

Sunshine has a favorable impact on our mood. We can influence our mood levels for good instead of spending so much time indoors. Those who get fresh air and sunshine are happy generally_ look at the home gardeners!

Yes sunlight is actually an essential element for a happy disposition, missing in many people who live sedentary lifestyles or work many hours in high rise buildings etc  It also sets the circadian rhythm that is nature's sleep/wake cycle within. When we have sunshine in the morning for instance, we sleep well at night. A sleep chemical is released from our pineal gland called Melatonin. Yes, sunshine can keep levels of Serotonin and Melatonin from sinking and making us feel
lethargic and listless.

Just like exercise helps us to stay off apathy, sunlight is good for us. There's so much misguided talk about Cancer as there is about Cholesterol. It's only over exposure to 
sunshine that can lead to skin cancer in some people we hear so much about.

It has actually been discovered that lack of sunshine and sunscreens cause more skin cancers or too much sunshine when your body is toxic and stressed through modern diets laden with chemicals. So why not go out and ENJOY!

Some of us remember when grandparents sat outside in the sunshine for 30-50 minutes each day and mothers used to give their babies and toddlers a little sunbath without nappy or clothing on - how this would be a happy and peaceful time. Children at school would even be told to go out and play in the sunshine at lunch time. That's because there are so many benefits.

It reduces stress and depression by causing a release of endorphins - our body's own mood elevator. So it enhances our mental outlook and sense of well being.
Our immune system is strengthened by exposure to moderate sunlight.

Having 10-15 minutes of sunshine in the morning, without glasses or sunshades on helps to set the circadian rhythm for melatonin to be released at night.

It is well documented that, if we are not exposed to sunshine, our body rhythms run 50 minutes slower every day. This can can disturb our sleep/wake cycle as well as the rest of our body's hormonal rhythms.

All these good benefits for enjoying some time outdoors.
We may even hear some birds singing or tweeting in the trees.

PEACE to you and have a lovely day!

Sunny Day
Clear blue skies on a sunny day
Autumn leaves, they toss and sway
The birds, they are joyfully singing
And to me__ laughter they’re bringing.
I love God’s excellent ways
For He knows they would be such pleasure
All these things on a sunny day.
Janet Vargas   ©

Sunshine Blessings, Give Yourself A Happy Lift!

More Living in Your Day/Evening

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Do you feel lifeless, lonely or bored – maybe all three and lacking purpose
in your daily life?
Some people have had the “life” knocked out of them through relentless stress and some are just starting to live again after an illness or separation etc  who may benefit from the advice on this page. I hope it helps you on the way to recovery.
Most people do fundamental things I mention here but many of us have missed training in their upbringing these days since parents are both working and the pace of living has got faster. If you do all the things we should every day I am happy for you because they are not so much of an effort.  If you are not used to them and somehow have got by for a number of years (some do) I am even happier for you because you will have satisfaction for efforts made and a new found pride that many take for granted.
And there’s this too, that so many people find it difficult to progress in life because these fundamental building bricks are not in place – whether it’s through lifestyle and neglect or other. Believe it or not, they can give you some of the confidence in your steps you may be lacking because without them, your dreams and aspirations can be like shifting sand, having no basic foundation to build your efforts on and the best of intentions can go by the wayside. You can choose daily disciplines that make for a springboard - a platform in life as it were - to take you places, even if it’s just to live a happier life and enjoy the simple things.
I suspect that Internet and Online activities is a major cause of procrastination for many people and a quick search to substantiate this would seem to validate it as factual. So do read that page as well. It could help you considerably. You should know what to look for and how to deal with it. Previously, I did not know it was me a year ago because I’m very passionate
about what I do.

Many  are into what is called Virtual Living because they can’t find much to do or it is
Is kinder than life has been to them with it’s ups and downs. Sometimes it can serve a purpose if engaged in for a few months after trauma. If anyone of us keep in a virtual mode too long, it can
take the place of real life, be an escape form life and maybe even cause you to lack a response to life and those around you. It can start to make you function much better at a mobile, tablet and computer better than your response to people – even love ones – and there’s where it can become quite hurtful because they think that you are more interested in your ‘virtual’ activities more than you are in them. This can be a perceived reality due to your lack of reality.
Many people have a problem with procrastination too where some things or most things are
put off for later. This can be so for busy people or bored – usually when we’re bored and we think we are lazy or other people do. This can come from too much exposure to
negative situations and/or events.
Whatever describes you in the above, trying out the following ideas could be helpful to you.
In the Morning

Make yourself look nice for the day
Make a different breakfast
(than the day before)
Spend 10 minutes in the morning sunshine
Step up and try all three each day
(after 7-10 days)
When you’ve accomplished that
At Midday or Lunch Time

Try 1 or 2 things different to break the rut
Go for a 10-15 minute walk (or exercise)
Pay someone a compliment or encouraging word

End of Each Day

Afford yourself 15-30mins relaxation or meditation,
just for that amount of time – it should refresh you
Try to have at least 10-15 mins of meaningful conversation
Or practice your listening skills – many fail to engage in these

In the Evening

Try replacing one TV program with a restful activity
Cut your Internet time down by an hour and do something else you like


More Coming, I want to get this Post out early

I encourage you to visit my Inspirational website

Have a Lovely Day!

Living in a Restless and Stressful Age

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It's true, is it not, that the Age that we're living in is so restless and stressful?
It's a busy life, hectic for some_ running here and dashing there, concerned
that we make it in time for this and that. An endless array of people with
busy schedules and commitments and I wonder how those who are engaged
in some types of work can keep up with an endless stream of appointments
throughout the day and socially in the evening?

A Day and Age where time itself is going so fast it is flying pass many of us
who cannot seem to keep up with the pace of life because a month or a year 
seems to be going by 3 times more quickly than they have before.

Look at this year_ we only just celebrated New Year "yesterday" so to speak
and already we are in spring/autumn. Is'nt that crazy? 
I mean to say, that would have been years ago when a year used to
take it's time to go by and the pace of life was more relaxed.

This in itself is stressful for many of us. And there's the saying "Look after Nb 1"
that can be a good thing for those who tend to keep putting others before themselves
and a not such a good thing around those who put themselves before others
anyway and maybe practice it to extremes - showing little or no sensitivity to the
needs and feelings of others in society and even in their family or workplace.

The shopping centers is a classic place for them to display their behavior often, walking
directly in front of you to take your turn or get "what they want". Oh, and the drivers
who show no consideration whatsoever to other people driving.......lane hopping to
where they want to get to; hugging bumpers to get you out the way; always wanting 
to be the car in front; those who so rudely cut in front of you, only to
make a left turn shortly after; not to mention those who make outlandish attempts
in busy traffic......the road was made for them, was'nt it? 

Some people like to show their impatience and discourtesy in car parks by grabbing
your park before your eyes; beeping or crowding you when you're reversing etc
And the one that really concerns me is those who walk directly across the back of 
your car when reversing.......especially those with little children and toddlers.
To me, that demonstrates little care and regard for their children's safety - highly
irresponsible but half of them have not given any thought to that. More often
than not, they take it for granted they are not in a "blind spot''......yes
it is so dangerous!

Those are just a few things that most of us encounter on a regular basis.
And I hope it made some of you feel a bit better to read some of those things.
I mean to say, things have got so hectic and selfish that an elderly person 
or someone who is not well thinks twice often before going out. 
That is not fair is it? We need to show kindness towards others. A little
consideration goes a long way. It could even make someone happier on the inside.

As a matter of fact, people are surprised sometimes when I mention to them how 
concerns like those mentioned here were addressed prophetically 2,000 Yrs ago.
Often, you will hear someone commenting on the way things are.
While I am not into religious churchy living, I do have time for Jesus and find His words
to be true in so many things He said and a few of His followers who wrote part of the Bible.
Yes, some of it relates very closely to our Day! 

"In the Last Days there will be Stressful Times. Some will be lovers of self, lovers of pleasure and money. Some will be ungodly, reckless and conceited. Many will break contracts........Children will be disobedient to parents". Describes our surroundings well, don't you think? Even cars and aircraft and computers were mentioned in the bible too, so it is not a book of fairy tales.

Many of us are recognizing a need for spiritual things now - that we don't just have 
a body, mind and emotions but we do have a spirit, and there's something missing until 
that need is met. There are Scientists and Neuroscientists acknowledging this and
saying that it is vital to our health to meet those needs.
It's important what direction our 'quest' or search for life takes us in because
there's so many unstable schools of thought out there - religious and New-Age!

I encourage you to find for yourself that real "Living" is to be found with JESUS.
He is the one who has gifted me with research, poems like Helen Steiner Rice,
inspirational writings and website creation (multiple websites). I would not promote 
Him as a Santa - that is not right to me but walking close to Him is to experience 
His Graces if we don't limit Him. Christian ethics has been a strength for me 
through the years and I've found Him to have a measuring rod for certain experiences
I've had, He has caused me to know gladness in place of sadness.

Most of us live at a busy pace from day to day with people around us rushing here
and rushing there - even on the home scene many times.
Also, noise has become part of day to day living for most of us, from unwanted machinery, aircraft and traffic to TVs and Sound Systems - welcome and unwelcome. Whatever it is,
it all adds up to noise pollution, collectively speaking.

We have become so restless for some reason - we have our tablets and laptops on 
for hours and we take our smart-phones and MP3 players with us everywhere we go.
Many of us can't keep our mobiles out of use when dining out and our MP3 player
is on when we walk from A to B - even if we go for leisure walks.

 "Hey.........wait a minute" is not silence a good companion sometimes? Have
we lost it's value somewhere along the way?  Too much silence can be maddening if
you're in isolation, that's true but may I suggest to you that it is sane for most of us.
A missing link. It can bring calmness to our mind and emotions; composure and 
restfulness to our inner recesses; order into a hectic day; solutions in given situations.
Things pertaining to our spirit is a missing link also because in the silence comes
inspiration and time for our Creator to speak to us in the quietness of Nature
or gentle voice within. So may I put it to you that quietness is not a bad thing but
should be sought after on a daily basis. 

Think of quietness for your mind and spirit in terms of what it is like for your body 
after you bath or shower and when you go to bed after a hard days work - is'nt that restful?
Friends, your body, mind and spirit needs more of those quiet-times where you can
find a restfulness - at least on a weekly basis 3 or 4 times. When you have discovered it's merits, you will not look back - you need to make time for this. Perceived opportunities don't
always present themselves but when you look for them or make way for them, it's amazing how much time you can have for this area in your life. With tranquility comes
equilibrium - you will find yourself restored and experiencing better health.

It is a stressful Age we're living in - Jesus said it would not be easy in this Day.
May I suggest to run to your Creator instead of away from Him, because there is also
a prophetic promise in the Bible that "When hard times break out on the Earth, His Light
(Joy, Peace and Purpose) shall rise on those who walk with Him". Many are experiencing
this in their personal lives. He did not want so many different religions any more
than you or me - it can stifle the very life of God in our lives.

In addition to one's own worries or situations, we often have the added weight of
others' stress and disappointments from family and friends. Especially with those 
who don't know when to stop talking about them - maybe repeatedly. You feel like you're
playing the part of a counselor sometimes - not that they want your advice.
It is a good thing these days, to make certain boundaries with friends, that you
don't mind being a confidant occasionally and you like to enjoy your friendship with them.
 Otherwise, the best of friendships can get taxing. 

A Better Friendship

The last time that you spoke to me
to get things off your chest
when you forgot them afterwards
I was not feeling at my best.
I'd like to have some lighter times
for laughter and for fun
some peaceful relaxation
like when our friendship begun.
We're living in a world of stress
you know that would be less
if we value each other's company
in ways that make us free.
Enjoying certain activities
not just sitting down
we could enjoy a walk in a park
with nature all around.
There's something about activities
they make us forget our cares.
So does placing them on the shoulders
of our Mighty God upstairs.
Janet Vargas  © 

Why are most of us restless? I think it's partly the effect of stress and partly
an attempt to throw it off. Could it also be a part of running away from God for some
because how is it that we have to keep ourselves amused or busy most of the
day and evening? Maybe it is because someone or something is too much for us
and we are running away from the seriousness of it?. Whatever it is that motivates 
us to be so restless, we need to stop still sometime - at least once a day -
otherwise, you are taxing your mind and body in some way and your spirit is
not being fed. You know that most people who are restless don't even
know that they are? I hope these insights are helpful to you.
Please find some ways you can have pleasant quiet-times.
Life to your body, life to your mind, life to your spirit, dear friends.

A Favorite Bible Verse that Inspires Me!
Phil 4:8  is my favorite verse:  "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise think about these things."  Because that is the best pattern for speaks about having a Christ awareness .....appreciation of nature... the qualities and giftings in speaks of renewing your mind consistently.....loving His Words of Life..... having right attitudes and healthy thoughts and company.....being creative .......and having a desire for progress.

Peace to you who read this Post!

Winning against Procrastination

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Did you know that about 90% of us procrastinate in some way/ways?  Yes it’s true, so don’t feel alone anymore. Busy people, sad or confused, stressed and anxious, over-committed….not just lazy people. Your health may not be the best, you may lack motivation for some reason, maybe you have an overcrowded lifestyle?

But you want to get somewhere, that’s why you’re reading this Page. You are to be commended for that because in some way, you don’t want to settle for the status quo.

I’m happily single and I can live on air when making or editing websites. I have six of them and they keep me busy. When I’m working by inspiration or a task is at hand, I can go for hours without a meal and not miss food until I take it too far – my stomach will say “feed me”....I know better as a researcher. Things can mount up, waiting for me to do them, sometimes for days. I’m a spontaneous person and have decided to take on some organizational skills. 

Now I know someone who is a psychologist. We were discussing this one day. She said something and it was this_ “procrastination causes stress because we feel bad about things not done”…..I find both factors to be true when I get carried away for days sometimes, I am very committed to my websites and want nothing but the best for people. I don’t get paid for this. If you benefit in some way, that is my reward. 

However, I did suspect recently there may be some addiction crept in. My insights and plans to overcome this have been confirmed by two websites. I have just added this INFO to my 

I also suspect that Internet and Online activities is a major cause of procrastination for many people and a quick search to substantiate this would seem to validate it as factual. So do read that page as well. It could help you considerably. You should know what to look for and how to deal with it. Previously, I did not know it was me because I’m very passionate about what I do. 

This is my advice to you if procrastination is a problematic area for you.


Start with a list when the day commences or the night previous.

Write down 10 Small Tasks for the Day
If you do 5 you are going well
If you do 7-8 you are doing exceptionally well
If you do 3 that’s good, keep it up
If you did 1 at-least you tried - aim for 2 the next day


Examples could be:

In the Morning 

Make yourself look nice for the day
Make a different breakfast
(than the day before)
Spend 10 minutes in the morning sunshine
Step up and try all three each day
(after 7-10 days) 
When you’ve accomplished that   

At Midday or Lunch Time 

Try 1 or 2 things different to break the rut
Go for a 10-15 minute walk (or exercise)
Pay someone a compliment or encouraging word 

End of Each Day 

Afford yourself 15-30mins relaxation or meditation,
just for that amount of time – it should refresh you 
Try to have at least 10-15 mins of meaningful conversation
Or practice your listening skills – many fail to engage in these


In the Evening 

Try replacing one TV program with a restful activity
Cut your Internet time down by an hour and do something else you like 

If practiced often, these are little things that can make you feel better about yourself along with the small tasks you allocate on your ‘to do list’. You can have fun, seeing how you are scoring day by day and week after week. If you let down the standard,pick up quickly from where you left off.
Give yourself a cheats day occasionally, still keeping your morning routine – that is important. 

If you reward yourself, make sure not to do so too early or excessively. Give yourself strict guidelines and be lenient occasionally  - this program is meant to encourage, not discourage you. 

You need to keep up the positive energy of doing things toward progress so the negative energy of things not done does not get to you.  

You could customize some of the above lists for yourself
or choose one item from each one.
Remember, the objective is to have good things (small or simple)
some that you enjoy to do and gradually let them gain momentum. 
One you gain momentum, keep it going until some of those things become habit.
Don't expect perfection - be kind to yourself.
It takes time to build up muscles when we exercise, nutrition when we
adopt a healthy diet, it takes time to develop a new it takes
time to turn over a new leaf (develop healthy habits).


Make a list of the things you have been putting off and do 1 or 2 each day 
or week whether big or small 

This will make you feel so good when you have accomplished them. Most of the time it is lots of small things people put off from day to day. Little by little, chip away at the ice-burg. Before you know it, you will be steps away from new habits because you have been working away at it –developing them. You should be proud of yourself. 

You can also do this. Each time – every so often through the day – pick something up that is out of place (left there) and place it where it belongs. This can work wonders if things get a little crowded – you can gradually see the change in your rooms and feel good 
“that’s starting to look nice!”A room can become an inviting environment you 
may have been avoiding.


Each time you go to just put something down beside you or on a table/desk put it in the correct place saying to yourself “no I can do this now”....or...."that will not wait for later". Several small trips will use far less energy than the negative energy you feel when looking at one big mess or what you have accumulated here and there – it’s such a drag on one’s morale. It really is!  

This can happen to anyone. I once knew someone who was a very successful counselor and visiting speaker. She had oversees engagements. But her house was a mess – on a regular basis –It looked devastating to a concerned visitor. I say this to encourage you.

Towards the end of the day - or during the day if you don't get carried away -
do something you enjoy. It is amazing how many of us neglect to do that.
If enjoyment is an addiction for you:
There could be a small reward at the end of the day.
You could see how much "Me-Time" or "Fun Time" you can 
cut down on each day, replacing it with progress in some way.
Be it big or small, this will make you feel ten feet tall.


Are you one of these?  

Some people have had the “life” knocked out of them through relentless stress and some are just starting to live again after an illness or separation etc  who may benefit from the advice on this page. I hope it helps you on the way to recovery. 

Most people do fundamental things I have mentioned above but many of us have missed training in their upbringing these days since parents are both working and the pace of living has got faster. If you do all the things we should every day I am happy for you because they are not so much of an effort.  If you are not used to them and somehow have got by for a number of years (some do) I am even happier for you because you will have satisfaction for efforts made and a new found pride that many take for granted. 

And there’s this too, that so many people find it difficult to progress in life because these fundamental building bricks are not in place – whether it’s through lifestyle and neglect or other. Believe it or not, they can give you some of the confidence in your steps you may be lacking because without them, your dreams and aspirations can be like shifting sand, having no basic foundation to build your efforts on and the best of intentions can go by the wayside. You can choose daily disciplines that make for a springboard - a platform in life as it were - to take you places, even if it’s just to live a happier life and enjoy the simple things.  And if you have young kids, it will certainly give them a heritage to grow up with, seeing you lead the way and encouraging them. They could well be inspired by seeing 
the change in you.        

You don’t need information overload. What you need is a few simple principles and run with that. Do we really need all the information we seek out? Maybe we are failing to put into practice some things that meant something to us and in order to get more information (by an author or speaker) we lose track of what we already found – we could run with.

If we put those things into practice, we would not forget them so quickly. Knowledge we put into practice becomes true knowledge - we could be well on the way to our own story 
if we did not have such a restless appetite for information. My advice to you is don’t wait until you fully grasp something before you do it – it’s when you actually try that principle you find that you start to grasp it.  And don’t try to take in too much at once, you are sure to be overwhelmed.  

Keep a diary for notes and keep track of your progress.
Look for a stable score and then Aim for More
This can be exciting at the end of each evening.

Keep things simple – that’s the best way!  


Steps to Bliss and Happiness

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iThis article was inspired by someone who’s words I read by the name of Dana and various thoughts I’ve had recently. I have many sayings about Happiness on one of my inspirational websites. Dana’s recipe for living is similar to mine in ways…her words are highlighted (in bold print) so you can distinguish them
from mine.

Sometimes, we as westerners, leave it to folk in other countries to experience moments of bliss. It somehow seems a luxury to us, we need to go on an expensive holiday or something – the great escape! But many people in certain countries have developed the art of peaceful meditations and tranquil moments in quite difficult situations, that helps strengthen them because they give themselves time to raise their thoughts above their circumstances. They also have an appreciation or consciousness of something greater than themselves that helps them to break away from cares and concerns – even in the midst of them.  How do they do this? They make it a purpose to!

While I do not encourage religious pursuits because of the bondage that each one presents, we in the west have developed an independence from God or anything pertaining to Him. The education system has done us no favors but has served to hinder a natural sense in us we are born with, of a Creator-God. That’s why there are so many religions in the world – it is man’s efforts to find and relate to Him in some way. But Jesus (no religion added, just His words) came to bring Him to us (God manifest) to show us what He is really like (without hang-ups) and how to relate with Him without complications. Why go to the Dalai Lama for Peace and Joy? Because Jesus is the true source of Peace and Joy. Ask Him to become real to you.

Yes, a simple walk with Jesus does give us a cutting edge above circumstances, right in the midst of them because He said “the Peace I give is not that of the world (that comes and goes) but I say to you that this Peace is to be found in Me”….when Jesus comes into your heart (invited) He becomes your Resting Place, and you can come aside in His Presence each day..... “in His presence there is fullness of Joy”….so like the saying goes, religion is to be endured but Jesus is to be enjoyed. Why did they add religion? Because man is very religious, weather he is for God or Anti-God. Everyone has a belief system, I make sure mine is simple – just Jesus!

What is the secret to bliss? I can mention a few.

Dana said, sometimes we place our lives on hold, telling ourselves things like, "I can't be happy until X is accomplished or until Y is over." For instance, it could be until I have a relationship, new work or my love-one is in better health. To experience true bliss, it's essential to practice being happy in the midst of all these challenges.

Here are some tips that can help you find some personal bliss:

Teach your thoughts how to dance toward the light.
Your mind needs direction; direct it toward the light. Consciously push yourself from self-destructive thinking to self-discovery, from judgment to observation.

Activities like reading Pleasant and Uplifting Poems and Visual Meditation are great for this.

A little day dreaming is good to let your thoughts roam free.

It’s like oxygen and resets your brain.

Simple practice of Meditation

Find a place where you’re comfortable and undisturbed:  reclining on your favorite chair, resting on your bed or sofa. Dismiss thoughts of the day or evening – or next day –this is a decision you make, that nothing requires your attention and everything can wait. Consciously engage your thoughts in some deep breathing by placing one hand over your tummy and the other on your diaphragm (above your tummy). Let your body completely relax, allowing all tension anywhere in your body to go. Take a few full breaths through your airways, filling your abdomen area (your tummy should be rising with each breath). If your diaphragm is raising, that’s shallow breathing. With sanctified imagination (nothing worldly, sad or serious, dismissing your cares and concerns and duties of the day) picture yourself in these places, benefiting from thoughts of nature
surrounding and embracing you.

Pleasant Natural things to Visualize

Nice country hill slopes with fluffy little bunnies running amongst the grass with their cute little tales bobbing here and there; cascading waterfalls with a secret entrance to sit peacefully inside those refreshing streams washing negative thoughts away; fields of daisies and poppies making pretty carpets of white, yellow and red…with birds flying across the stretch of the sky in fancy formations; a place in the country with the sun shining brightly through the clouds over pretty dry grass with a few young antelopes grazing and skipping along, then refreshing themselves at a nearby river; stepping into a quaint little row-boat and pulling away from the water’s edge with bright yellow paddles and coasting along with the water splashing, then finding a spot to rest under a tree in the water for shade; climbing up a mountain slope effortlessly – because it does not require your energy – then seeing the tops of trees in different levels….nearby, you see an eagle taking off from the branch of a tree, flying way across the sky and then landing on the very branch from whence it came; walking along the beach in the shoreline, hearing the waves come rippling in over your feet, looking at bright colorful yachts sailing over the sea; imagine yourself in the awesome silence of a canyon, looking across the great expanse, then hearing echoes of your voice as you call out something joyful and carefree in your moment of solitude; walking in the meadows amongst the wildflowers on a nice sunny day, picking some and making a bouquet….then sitting down on your picnic rug with your picnic basket, lifting the cover and looking at the goodies you have in there….tasting some of your simple but sumptuous favorite foods and washing them down with a nice refreshing drink – packed in ice; you’re at the beach, walking amongst pebbles, picking up shells of different shapes and sizes….you place them with your things you have left on the sand and you sit down in the water with the waves coming in, feeling so carefree….or….you walk a little way into the water, standing very still, you’re  looking at the water where you see tiny little fish in delicate pretty colors – ever so tiny – swimming under the surface in the light reflected there….feeling the warmth of the water….and then you decide to go a little further out so you can swim…..and just for some relaxation, you find yourself floating for a while with the sun shining over you….drifting where the water takes you; you’re out on a nice autumn day, strolling in the park, hearing the rustling leaves, looking at the colors in the trees of yellow and red….feeling the nice cool breeze through the filtered sunlight in the trees….it’s very pleasant, yes.

Break away more often.

Maybe you have a nice spot on a patio or a lawn where you can stretch and laydown in the sunshine or breeze. Yes, that is nice, now and then….maybe there’s a nice shady tree in a park. You can absorb the atmosphere around you. You could do this occasionally. Yes, afford yourself the luxury of dismissing the world and busy agendas, so you can have a slice of peace and content. Why save that for holidays? We don’t allow ourselves enough time to wind down – we save that for bedtime, and actually, we would be better winding down with dim light and music or relaxed reading before going to bed. Maybe have a bubble bath on weekends (bubbles are very therapeutic). Even a foot-spa can be good or treat yourself to some air-filled fragrance with essential oils of your choice – a fresh blend that clears the mind or floral that brings beauty to mind. Yes, afford yourself some holiday-mode in your thoughts, as it were, on a frequent basis. Most of us – these days – allow ourselves little respite in this busy world.
You need rest and you also need respite.

Experience music – Art – Crafts

Awakening happiness is a daily practice that requires routines and rituals. Set your day up so something wonderful happens. Play music in your house, car and at the office (if possible). Commit to writing, singing or dancing each morning - or experiencing others' artistic expressions in a fully-engaged way - chose your own art form.

Crafts are so creative, such a joy and so rewarding. Before 10 years ago, I’ve never been a crafts person. I was having a break from research work and lost for something to do and craft cards

appealed to me. I have been making them from time to time since. I love them, and it’s given me a passion that has also brought happiness to family and friends.

There’s wisdom in Forgiveness

Forgiveness allows us to do everything more deeply. Let yourself smile again. Break it out and allow compassion to be your inner guide and awaken your heart.

You forgive someone by cancelling their debt of offense and not keeping them alive in your thoughts. Don’t wait to feel nice, it’s a simple act of your will….wish them well in your thoughts if you can….that’s a good grudge-slayer….then you get to live free of it.

If you have a problem with that (you’d rather not) it is zappy your Zest for Life. Be kind to yourself and make some brain space to enjoy life….say to yourself “no mental real-estate here.”

The bigger you let your heart be, the less things will crowd you in and the pressure gives way.

Dana’s right, you can live life more fully when someone stops weighing on your mind.

You feel so much lighter and brighter.

Acquire some Spontaneity and Discovery

Learn something new every day. Learning keeps us inspired, drenched in enthusiasm and forever young. It awakens our sense of wonder. It’s already there. You just have to lift the veil so you can feel it and live it.

There are little things we can learn in when appreciating life around us – an awareness of the pleasant things here and there as we go about our day. If this does not work for you, learn to be a rut-breaker and establish a new routine – maybe an early morning or evening walk, taking in the atmosphere and letting your thoughts be healthy. Try to do something spontaneous each day.

Give things away and let love in.

When you feel connected, you feel bliss. We suffer when we feel separate. So, do whatever you can to feel connected and to help others feel connected. It could be through some service and projects, or even just by the way you smile at someone down the street or in a café. Compliments are free to give away. You may have changed another person's life in ways you will never know. If you can’t think of any or maybe a little shy, give free smiles away. It’s amazing how smiles will cheer you up as well – it’s part of your happiness-chemistry – you will feel like a generous person for making the effort. It helps you step out of yourself and concerns each time you engage in this. Send occasional cards to love-ones and friends - make an occasion for them to be happy this way. You can hand a little gift to them especially wrapped, when it is'nt their birthday and see the surprise it brings them. Your oxytocin level will go up - yours and theirs.

That's a special feel-good substance that is released in our body when something
brings us much pleasure. It's the same chemical that is released when a mother feeds a baby; we sing in the shower or have a nice bubble bath; we smell the roses or a fragrant essential oil; we listen to some soft beautiful music; we stroll in a park on a nice sunny day or along the shoreline at the beach with the fresh sea breeze; we set off in the car on a holiday. It's well documented for when someone gives you a nice hug.

Thanks and Gratitude

Say Thank You more often and think of your blessings.

These two words are potent and highly charged with bliss. Gratitude is saying yes to life. Wanting and appreciating what you have and have been given in this lifetime, no matter how big or small, it’s a practice of contentment. It keeps positive energy flowing. You already have all the ingredients for a beautiful life.

Love them. Live them.

Look after your Energy Level

For all of us, there are things that occur each day – and sometimes said – that are unpleasant and cause negative thoughts and emotions….that is Negative Energy we don’t need. In other words, it deficits our Positive Energy. You know the saying about something that “saps our energy?” that’s why. But Thanks and Gratitude – sometimes prayer – helps to balance our energy levels by restoring our Comfort Zone. You don’t need an energy-worker for that. They can bring you other complications – namely your pocket and a dependency on someone else.

It would be an expensive exercise.

Really speaking, our energy level should be as natural as the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Give yourself the most positive environment you can, pleasant company if possible (when it comes to listening). Lend yourself the practice of fresh air and exercise and good nutrition. You would be surprised how each one of these favor you energy and sense of well-being.

For me, prayer is the Ultimate because it’s personal relating with Jesus who is there 24/7

Not some religious exercise. My motto: If someone has to tell you to do something,

there’s no Joy in it (or peace either).

Someone said:

"You carry all the ingredients to turn your life into a bad dream, don't mix them!…

...You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into a happy one, Mix them, mix Them!"

And Dana said:

“Being a happy person is a practice, where in the midst of your life's daily demands and challenges, you practice being - and chose to be - happy and free. Sure, it's great to follow a recipe, especially in the beginning, but then you must make it your own. You must experiment and see what you discover, coming up with your own signature dish.”

And be not unsettled or resistant about God….a spiritual walk could be the very thing you need to change things around for you. We all have a spirit and long to be satisfied in that area. Try not to make the mistake of going for religion or new-age.  Jesus satisfies because He is a Person, the Friend of Friends….He is referred to as a Personal Savior….that’s because He is! Spend time in His presence each day – like you do with a love-one, and never look back.

If you are not ready for that, I have shown you ways to enhance your daily life. For me – after years of resistance – Jesus brings Peace to my heart and Joy in my steps. Inner Peace and Happiness, that’s what most people long for, is’nt  it?  To have Him on the inside is Peace to me and Joy on the outside because of a Reason to be Living – He has brought to me.

Whatever you benefit from in this article I wish you well. Look at it as if I wrote it personally to you.



How we See Ourselves is Important

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I will share with you a Life Principle.

The way we look at ourselves is important and has a lot to do with how we experience life.Yes, the way we look inward has to do with our outlook on life.

We all have self-talk, an inner chatter. A dialogue as it were.

Make sure yours is kind and give it some guidelines on a daily basis until it becomes your friend - bringing to mind positive thoughts, cheerful thoughts and loving thoughts.
Yes, feed yourselves this type of thinking until it becomes natural.

Because our inner chatter is somewhat negative for most and unruly for some, with content that is disturbing and sometimes troublesome if not kept in check. Yes, you can monitor this self talk and tell it what to say, so to speak. You can decide the things you would like to hear. 

Our God given Power of Choice is a wonderful thing. We can choose what we want in life_ company, past-time and interests, food and cuisine, TV programs and websites etc and we can determine what type of thoughts we like to think, so we can see ourselves and life around us differently.

If we have a poor self image, it is difficult to see life how it should be.

Sometimes we need a healthy diet to foster healthier thoughts. It's noted how Vitamin B Complex can pick up your energy levels and lift your can quality proteins and steamed veges; enzymes from fresh healthy salads and vege juice!

Walking and Exercise is also important because they help to increase our circulation and oxygen levels - that  is good for our brain.

So food and activity does have a bearing on the way we think about ourselves and sunshine. Too much time indoors does not help anyone, especially when you don't let the natural light in and open the windows. That can actually set you up for depressing thoughts where your morale is really down.

If we can't exercise and we spend considerable time indoors, it is a good idea to keep active in someway – try not to be sedentary – at least every 60-90 mins walk into another room and do something, no matter how small.

Try not to let the TV and Internet be your nurse-maids......we were'nt meant to have our brain bombarded with constant stimuli as with TV especially – it has been proven to be bad for our brain as are action computer games also. They can be a health hazard when used excessively. So if possible, try to find an interest that engages your brain in a natural way
something that appeals to your intellect or creativity.

In most people's opinion I come across, there's so much absolute rubbish and negativity thrown at you through the TV these days! That does not foster good thoughts – in fact, most criminal activity and broken families is a by-product of it in some way. When you think about it, lots of not so good suggestions are thrown at you every so many minutes – some more subtle than others but they're there. Not to mention, some programs and soapys are out to stereo type you in some way.

On the internet, all manner of enticement and negativity is out to get your attention. At least you can control the content better than a television. My dad was a pioneer TV sales and serviceman in 1958 when it came to our state. It was a good thing then and everyone was so excited.....the programs were better.....and because they were not on all day or evening, they were balanced with other interests.

Honestly, not that I'm Anti-TV and I run 6 Websites_ how can we think healthy thoughts and have a positive self-image when there's a 'battle of the image' going on in most people's houses everyday? Your brain being misinformed with so much unhealthy imput. What does all this do for our morale? How can a plant grow in an unhealthy environment? How can we grow and find true happiness or satisfaction with so much clamor for our attention. I mean to say, what we've been accustomed to thinking of as 'the norm' is so unnatural is'nt it, really?

There are protective measures we can take to make for more brain space and family communications.

Watch out for sweets and carbohydrate snacks; cokes and sodas; lots of icecream_ they mess with our sugar and energy levels and can affect our morale poorly. Researchers don't refer to 'sugar blues' for nothing. First they give you a temporary boost, then about 30 mins later comes the urge for more.....setting most of us up for highs and lows. Sugar cravings are the hidden cause for a poor self image in many people.

We need to nurture our morale too. We do this by having times aside from the busy rush and distractions of life around us.....the work and social associations of the day and the week. Time to be in touch with ourselves – and our maker, if that agrees – yes, moments of quiet where we can regain composure.

When you have taken practical steps mentioned, you can start changing your self-image by monitoring and feeding your inner dialogue each day. You may like to do these together and make up for lost time. With these things addressed, you can experience a better self-image and an improved outlook on life. Whatever, I wish you well.

The above advice when practiced, makes for happy mood levels.

What input do you have on this? 2-10 lines, pleasant or helpful to readers please.

* Two of my friends are going to comment on this Article. Their names are Allan and Sheree.

Things that make for Positive Energy

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Sometimes you need to spend energy to get energy, like they do at the Gym (when not over zealous).

Yes, just like exercise can fortify us physically and many areas of health – muscle strength, immune system, our brain and emotions, anti-aging and metabolism – there are other things we can also do to benefit these areas.

Yes, things that will benefit our energy  and  mood levels. In turn, we will be better physically as well.

When we are tired or stressed, we rest often. But sometimes when we are, we need to do something positive that will give us nervous energy. Some examples are to engage in some exercise of your choosing and either focus on these movements or enjoy some good positive music; go out for a drive to somewhere nice – try not to make this shopping sprees; keep a small selection of recipe books so you can fetch one, look for ingredients and enjoy making something different.....this could be a family meal or a simple but interesting snack.....maybe step outside to enjoy it; adopt the practice of going for occasional walks with someone – this actually increases your Oxytocin levels and releases Endorphins, that are happy chemicals in our body that make us feel good. You do not need a companion with you to experience endorphins but you do for oxytocin; you can also adopt a new craft or revive a past time favorite, where your mind becomes absorbed in the activity, this fosters good healthy feelings. Think of something creative you can do that disperses the negative energy.

Believe me, that at times when we are stressed emotionally, the last thing that we should do is rest because it gives us too much time to think and generate more concerns or magnify that concern. Yes? That was me included in times gone by. No, this is not beneficial but what is_ when we disturb this place of latent rest by stepping out of a room and to go out for a walk in the fresh air and sunshine; attend to a few plants you can take care of (container plants are good if you don't have a garden) send a letter, card or eCard to someone one you like or care about – this can shift the focus off yourself and move it into a more comfortable zone; do some act of kindness to someone – this is a good thought shifter, it will give you good positive energy if it is not sympathy orientated; have short spurts of spring cleaning – even if it is'nt spring – this will make you feel good about yourself when you have tidied a small area or make some furniture clean and shiny (you will feel proud of yourself). These are things most of us can do. You could check out the market days in your area and nearby areas. Then on certain days, you can go out and mix with friendly people and enjoy a different aspect of can go to a different store or shopping center in an area that is not local to do your shopping. Yes, rest is often a deceptive comfort zone for many when stressed and worried or emotionally disturbed. It is misleading because in that kind of rest there is no rest_ nothing could be further than the truth..... or to be gained.

But what can be gained is a true Comfot Zone by stepping out of that place into a more positive mode. I have found in recent years a secret. If you move yourself physically when thoughts disturb and focus on something to do_ like washing the dishes, rearranging a few items in one of your cupboards, putting your washing out OR taking a shower (a great favorite to many) this will shift the thought process and you will be happier during the day or evening. Reading a book or listening to music are OK but sometimes we need to be active_ it can be more condusive to changing your focus. This makes for positive energy!

Tip: When you focus on an item of interest your concentration sets in and this disperses the thoughts that disturbed or clouded your thinking. This is a good way to switch off. Also, you can take a few relaxing deep breaths when you start to focus – it physically helps you to change modes. Give it a try....and remember ....practice makes perfect!

Some people are natural energy shifters – so to speak – just like motivated people, they can shift themselves from negative energy to positive energy. You know, resilient people who bounce back quickly or land on their feet in negative situations? For the rest of us, it is a challenge.....some more so than depends on the security and happiness we've had in our upbringing sometimes OR set of circumstances we've been faced with.

This is a must for everyone_ getting acquainted with nature. Yes, nature is a great blessing to everyone and a natural anti-depressant. So are sunshine and some exercise_ they gently lift your Serotonin levels (the happy mood chemical in your brain). Be advised that there is some misleading advice in books and on the internet that tell you to snack on refined carbohydrates_ that actually gives you a burst of Serotonin and Insulin spikes (not a good combination) followed by low Serotonin, like the sugar-blues effect after lots of sweets. Such foods are a health hazzard. Yes, that advice can compromise your health and set you up for different health disorders. If you are binging on these foods, your neurotransmitters are on a roller coaster – not a good way to live. At some time, it will catch up with you. Your brain or your body will protest because of stress. If you cheat long enough, you will find your chemistry not so kind.

If you are really depressed, you could have a need for sustained Serotonin levels – where you make more – this can be achieved by taking a quality supplement of 5HTP.....SAMe.....or.....Methionine with Vit B6. For the rest of us, it is wise to keep your Serotonin and Dopamine levels balanced and don't take what you don't need, especially for dieting_ you don't need higher Serotonin, there are other ways to benefit you better. That just creates a problem for you. As a result of that faulty advice in books and the internet, you can become quite unbalanced. Please do not request SSRI Meds (anti-depressants) from your MD like some do for weight reduction because over time they create a shortage of Serotonin (the SSRIs keep recycling the same supply of Serotonin over and over again) plus they're very addictive and hard to come off of – that would far outweigh the time you want to diet, I'm sure. In fact, some people actually put on weight with SSRIs, I don't care how safe the MDs say they are!

Caution: never mix any of the above supplements with an SSRI anti-depressant because that can be devastating, it's quite dangerous.

The latest research tells me that some people with Clinical Depression are actually deficient in Dopamine (another happy brain chemical) not Serotonin. This is a good discovery but upsetting for some people on Serotonin type medications because their true need is not being addressed. Mds get all their information from the Manufacturers of Medical Drugs and sadly to say, they make billions of dollars from these Meds. Most of us would do well to replenish both these biochemicals through foods we can add to our diet. I am looking into this at present and can post an article in this blog for those who are interested.

For most of us, all we need to do is focus on things that shifts our attention.....engage in some activity that makes for positive something we really shift our energy

and in doing so, we can enjoy more positive energy. Please remember the unmatched benefits of nature, sunshine and fresh air. Life can be a blessing.

Do you have some good comments to make? Pleasant entries or helpful to other readers please. 2-8 lines.

Resting our Cares and Finding Peace

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My encouragement to you in this article is by exchanging our cares and concerns with the Peace of God is a wonderful place of REST to be in.

As you acquaint yourself with Him in simple trust, He becomes your STRENGTH for day to day living and His words become real to you – not religious – a blessing instead of something you wish to avoid. They shed light on your path.

We need to place things on God's shoulders because they are much bigger than ours. We reason things over until they become magnified often. Would we not be be better affording ourselves the peace that comes with resting and laying our cares down?

This is where words – in the bible – like “He does not give us a spirit of fear but of love and power and a sound mind” is of great benefit....and “His peace passes all understanding”. We can steady our eyes on Him.

Too much exposure to the stresses of life without His Peace to cushion you results in difficulties with health and decision making. A sense of His peace makes for lightness of heart....our minds can think clearly again and our mood levels benefit immensely.

He is not a God of confusion but of Peace”. Religions are confusing and so is the world but JESUS never. He said that “the Peace I give you is not like that of this world, but in Me (His Presence) you will find Peace”. So we can hide ourselves in God and find peace for our heart and mind. Then we can approach things from a place of rest instead of stress and life will be kinder to us. I wish you well, each one.

Maybe you have experienced this peace or rest and would like to comment.
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Creative for Jesus - Previous Website Content

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Discovering your Gifts and Talents


  There were some feature Links with Christians who are functioning with their talents, on this website when it was differently named. That is why I have included this article on my Blog if you are looking for it. Jesus can and has gifted us in so many ways!!!

Use them for JESUS!

Fill the Earth with Jesus' Giftings - Expressions of His LOVE and GRACE
JOY and PEACE....Let me show you some ways.

Use your Natural Gifts in Big Ways or Small Ways to reach your Community, the Market Place or the World. Ask Him about this and you will find some Inspiration and Ideas
to make a Difference!

The World is not looking for more Preachers and Teachers. Churches are something that various Christians and religious people relate to_ but not the World. Jesus wants us to relate Him to those around us and afield in Relevant Ways through Avenues of their Interests - things they can Understand. This is achieved by SHARING ARTS & CRAFTS through Talents you have and can seek Him for. YES!

People don't want to "be churched" they have told us that but we have not heeded their voice. Maybe sometimes they're wiser because the Church System as we know it today, was actually introduced by Constantine for political advantage - he changed  the actual Early Christian  way of doing things  into a  State Institution.........and we  have had this problem ever since.

Relating Christianity to People TODAY.

The world has so many church buildings with church programs and such_ people are invited and expected to come to them....and in the main, this has achieved very little. Our seeming religious acts and sometimes graces, have very little or no relevance to a lost and aching community, seeking for answers; craving for real love; searching for happiness but it does not last. Many look like they have it all "together" but their personal lives tell a different story.

This is where LOVE, JOY and PEACE comes in - presenting God's Nature through 'intelligible' ways in the community, the market place and the world. Jesus wants to go out to them today - that was always His Way. He never instructed them to go to a church (meeting place or building). His followers never actually did that (believe it or not) because the Christians of that day actually met together in houses - consisting of family, friends and fellow believers.

What am I saying, not to go to a church? No, that is up to you.

I'm simply saying that people in the world cannot relate to it.....and....Jesus does not expect them to.  That is not to say He never uses it.  Look at the difference Joel Osteen and Joyce Myer have made in the lives of Christians and TV viewers worldwide!  And if you look at their message_ they're real words coming from real people who radiate what it's really like to know Jesus and live for Him.

Just like the Spirit of God has restored Truths and Spiritual Gifts to the Body of Christ (Believers) through  the years,  He is  NOW  restoring  Family  Worship  and  Home Gatherings like there were when things commenced .........

Those things were important to say!

Making a difference to your community on the Home Scene......

The Spirit of God is  raising up Evangelism in the Community, Market Place and Media 
ie Internet. One good thing in some churches - where Christians are community minded has been Craft Groups or Cafes.  But  He is  further  reaching  than  that_ what's  to stop  you from starting a small Craft Group with the different types of Crafts that are available now? Or you could start a Cooking and Baking Group where you try different Recipes OR maybe even teach certain skills in International Cuisine? People love to be adventurous   with  meals  these days  and there  is a great  interest  in Recipes  from different countries. Whatever interests you the most that you ENJOY will be the most contagious.....usually, it will have some appeal.

Jesus wants to show His Love to those around us in Tangible Ways!

This Web-Site was originally called Creative for Jesus. I made it to show you how you can also be Gifted for the Market Place.... bringing Godly Arts & Crafts into it.....not forgetting the influence they can have in your Home Craft Group etc

Going out to the Highways and the Byways....let them know through Your Talents.

Today the Spirit of God is raising up Prophets and Evangelists who go out among the people  to speak into  their hearts and  and bring  Healings and Miracles, so they're no longer confined  within church walls  or limited to  great Christian  gatherings...... AND.....He is also raising up Life-Style Evangelism where many Christians display GIFTED works of Art and Crafts.......introducing and selling wares of CREATIVE and sometimes very anointed Items. Bring GOD into the Market Place! There are certain laws that prevent us from preaching there but we can bring Him to people in other ways
they will much more readily accept.

The world has too much Religion, TV and things that disappoint.

There are certain ways we can reflect His LOVE, JOY and PEACE through Photos, Paintings, Poems and Writings.... and.... certain Craft-wares and Websites can reflect such BEAUTY or INTEREST that those who SEE THEM have to know more! Sometimes a Painting has been used to transform a person's life in some way OR draw them to  SALVATION. Yes it's true_ I have heard of a few stories like that through the years!

I actually lost the vitality I had in my walk with Jesus when I first found Him - through church programs - and regained it some years later. Yet it fills a spot for some.....especially in Young People's Groups. All I'm saying is that what we know today is too structured and was not Jesus' intent to start something like that. Read my story on the About Me page.

So Jesus wants Spiritual Gifts out there - He ALSO wants Natural Gifts out there!

Let's warm people's hearts in ways that are relevant to them and be a Brighter part of their world!  Let them SEE that having a Creator Father is a NICE way to Live!

Do you have some good comments? 2-8 lines - pleasant comments or helpful to readers please. Thank you for your input.