Steps to Bliss and Happiness

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iThis article was inspired by someone who’s words I read by the name of Dana and various thoughts I’ve had recently. I have many sayings about Happiness on one of my inspirational websites. Dana’s recipe for living is similar to mine in ways…her words are highlighted (in bold print) so you can distinguish them
from mine.

Sometimes, we as westerners, leave it to folk in other countries to experience moments of bliss. It somehow seems a luxury to us, we need to go on an expensive holiday or something – the great escape! But many people in certain countries have developed the art of peaceful meditations and tranquil moments in quite difficult situations, that helps strengthen them because they give themselves time to raise their thoughts above their circumstances. They also have an appreciation or consciousness of something greater than themselves that helps them to break away from cares and concerns – even in the midst of them.  How do they do this? They make it a purpose to!

While I do not encourage religious pursuits because of the bondage that each one presents, we in the west have developed an independence from God or anything pertaining to Him. The education system has done us no favors but has served to hinder a natural sense in us we are born with, of a Creator-God. That’s why there are so many religions in the world – it is man’s efforts to find and relate to Him in some way. But Jesus (no religion added, just His words) came to bring Him to us (God manifest) to show us what He is really like (without hang-ups) and how to relate with Him without complications. Why go to the Dalai Lama for Peace and Joy? Because Jesus is the true source of Peace and Joy. Ask Him to become real to you.

Yes, a simple walk with Jesus does give us a cutting edge above circumstances, right in the midst of them because He said “the Peace I give is not that of the world (that comes and goes) but I say to you that this Peace is to be found in Me”….when Jesus comes into your heart (invited) He becomes your Resting Place, and you can come aside in His Presence each day..... “in His presence there is fullness of Joy”….so like the saying goes, religion is to be endured but Jesus is to be enjoyed. Why did they add religion? Because man is very religious, weather he is for God or Anti-God. Everyone has a belief system, I make sure mine is simple – just Jesus!

What is the secret to bliss? I can mention a few.

Dana said, sometimes we place our lives on hold, telling ourselves things like, "I can't be happy until X is accomplished or until Y is over." For instance, it could be until I have a relationship, new work or my love-one is in better health. To experience true bliss, it's essential to practice being happy in the midst of all these challenges.

Here are some tips that can help you find some personal bliss:

Teach your thoughts how to dance toward the light.
Your mind needs direction; direct it toward the light. Consciously push yourself from self-destructive thinking to self-discovery, from judgment to observation.

Activities like reading Pleasant and Uplifting Poems and Visual Meditation are great for this.

A little day dreaming is good to let your thoughts roam free.

It’s like oxygen and resets your brain.

Simple practice of Meditation

Find a place where you’re comfortable and undisturbed:  reclining on your favorite chair, resting on your bed or sofa. Dismiss thoughts of the day or evening – or next day –this is a decision you make, that nothing requires your attention and everything can wait. Consciously engage your thoughts in some deep breathing by placing one hand over your tummy and the other on your diaphragm (above your tummy). Let your body completely relax, allowing all tension anywhere in your body to go. Take a few full breaths through your airways, filling your abdomen area (your tummy should be rising with each breath). If your diaphragm is raising, that’s shallow breathing. With sanctified imagination (nothing worldly, sad or serious, dismissing your cares and concerns and duties of the day) picture yourself in these places, benefiting from thoughts of nature
surrounding and embracing you.

Pleasant Natural things to Visualize

Nice country hill slopes with fluffy little bunnies running amongst the grass with their cute little tales bobbing here and there; cascading waterfalls with a secret entrance to sit peacefully inside those refreshing streams washing negative thoughts away; fields of daisies and poppies making pretty carpets of white, yellow and red…with birds flying across the stretch of the sky in fancy formations; a place in the country with the sun shining brightly through the clouds over pretty dry grass with a few young antelopes grazing and skipping along, then refreshing themselves at a nearby river; stepping into a quaint little row-boat and pulling away from the water’s edge with bright yellow paddles and coasting along with the water splashing, then finding a spot to rest under a tree in the water for shade; climbing up a mountain slope effortlessly – because it does not require your energy – then seeing the tops of trees in different levels….nearby, you see an eagle taking off from the branch of a tree, flying way across the sky and then landing on the very branch from whence it came; walking along the beach in the shoreline, hearing the waves come rippling in over your feet, looking at bright colorful yachts sailing over the sea; imagine yourself in the awesome silence of a canyon, looking across the great expanse, then hearing echoes of your voice as you call out something joyful and carefree in your moment of solitude; walking in the meadows amongst the wildflowers on a nice sunny day, picking some and making a bouquet….then sitting down on your picnic rug with your picnic basket, lifting the cover and looking at the goodies you have in there….tasting some of your simple but sumptuous favorite foods and washing them down with a nice refreshing drink – packed in ice; you’re at the beach, walking amongst pebbles, picking up shells of different shapes and sizes….you place them with your things you have left on the sand and you sit down in the water with the waves coming in, feeling so carefree….or….you walk a little way into the water, standing very still, you’re  looking at the water where you see tiny little fish in delicate pretty colors – ever so tiny – swimming under the surface in the light reflected there….feeling the warmth of the water….and then you decide to go a little further out so you can swim…..and just for some relaxation, you find yourself floating for a while with the sun shining over you….drifting where the water takes you; you’re out on a nice autumn day, strolling in the park, hearing the rustling leaves, looking at the colors in the trees of yellow and red….feeling the nice cool breeze through the filtered sunlight in the trees….it’s very pleasant, yes.

Break away more often.

Maybe you have a nice spot on a patio or a lawn where you can stretch and laydown in the sunshine or breeze. Yes, that is nice, now and then….maybe there’s a nice shady tree in a park. You can absorb the atmosphere around you. You could do this occasionally. Yes, afford yourself the luxury of dismissing the world and busy agendas, so you can have a slice of peace and content. Why save that for holidays? We don’t allow ourselves enough time to wind down – we save that for bedtime, and actually, we would be better winding down with dim light and music or relaxed reading before going to bed. Maybe have a bubble bath on weekends (bubbles are very therapeutic). Even a foot-spa can be good or treat yourself to some air-filled fragrance with essential oils of your choice – a fresh blend that clears the mind or floral that brings beauty to mind. Yes, afford yourself some holiday-mode in your thoughts, as it were, on a frequent basis. Most of us – these days – allow ourselves little respite in this busy world.
You need rest and you also need respite.

Experience music – Art – Crafts

Awakening happiness is a daily practice that requires routines and rituals. Set your day up so something wonderful happens. Play music in your house, car and at the office (if possible). Commit to writing, singing or dancing each morning - or experiencing others' artistic expressions in a fully-engaged way - chose your own art form.

Crafts are so creative, such a joy and so rewarding. Before 10 years ago, I’ve never been a crafts person. I was having a break from research work and lost for something to do and craft cards

appealed to me. I have been making them from time to time since. I love them, and it’s given me a passion that has also brought happiness to family and friends.

There’s wisdom in Forgiveness

Forgiveness allows us to do everything more deeply. Let yourself smile again. Break it out and allow compassion to be your inner guide and awaken your heart.

You forgive someone by cancelling their debt of offense and not keeping them alive in your thoughts. Don’t wait to feel nice, it’s a simple act of your will….wish them well in your thoughts if you can….that’s a good grudge-slayer….then you get to live free of it.

If you have a problem with that (you’d rather not) it is zappy your Zest for Life. Be kind to yourself and make some brain space to enjoy life….say to yourself “no mental real-estate here.”

The bigger you let your heart be, the less things will crowd you in and the pressure gives way.

Dana’s right, you can live life more fully when someone stops weighing on your mind.

You feel so much lighter and brighter.

Acquire some Spontaneity and Discovery

Learn something new every day. Learning keeps us inspired, drenched in enthusiasm and forever young. It awakens our sense of wonder. It’s already there. You just have to lift the veil so you can feel it and live it.

There are little things we can learn in when appreciating life around us – an awareness of the pleasant things here and there as we go about our day. If this does not work for you, learn to be a rut-breaker and establish a new routine – maybe an early morning or evening walk, taking in the atmosphere and letting your thoughts be healthy. Try to do something spontaneous each day.

Give things away and let love in.

When you feel connected, you feel bliss. We suffer when we feel separate. So, do whatever you can to feel connected and to help others feel connected. It could be through some service and projects, or even just by the way you smile at someone down the street or in a café. Compliments are free to give away. You may have changed another person's life in ways you will never know. If you can’t think of any or maybe a little shy, give free smiles away. It’s amazing how smiles will cheer you up as well – it’s part of your happiness-chemistry – you will feel like a generous person for making the effort. It helps you step out of yourself and concerns each time you engage in this. Send occasional cards to love-ones and friends - make an occasion for them to be happy this way. You can hand a little gift to them especially wrapped, when it is'nt their birthday and see the surprise it brings them. Your oxytocin level will go up - yours and theirs.

That's a special feel-good substance that is released in our body when something
brings us much pleasure. It's the same chemical that is released when a mother feeds a baby; we sing in the shower or have a nice bubble bath; we smell the roses or a fragrant essential oil; we listen to some soft beautiful music; we stroll in a park on a nice sunny day or along the shoreline at the beach with the fresh sea breeze; we set off in the car on a holiday. It's well documented for when someone gives you a nice hug.

Thanks and Gratitude

Say Thank You more often and think of your blessings.

These two words are potent and highly charged with bliss. Gratitude is saying yes to life. Wanting and appreciating what you have and have been given in this lifetime, no matter how big or small, it’s a practice of contentment. It keeps positive energy flowing. You already have all the ingredients for a beautiful life.

Love them. Live them.

Look after your Energy Level

For all of us, there are things that occur each day – and sometimes said – that are unpleasant and cause negative thoughts and emotions….that is Negative Energy we don’t need. In other words, it deficits our Positive Energy. You know the saying about something that “saps our energy?” that’s why. But Thanks and Gratitude – sometimes prayer – helps to balance our energy levels by restoring our Comfort Zone. You don’t need an energy-worker for that. They can bring you other complications – namely your pocket and a dependency on someone else.

It would be an expensive exercise.

Really speaking, our energy level should be as natural as the food you eat and the air you breathe.

Give yourself the most positive environment you can, pleasant company if possible (when it comes to listening). Lend yourself the practice of fresh air and exercise and good nutrition. You would be surprised how each one of these favor you energy and sense of well-being.

For me, prayer is the Ultimate because it’s personal relating with Jesus who is there 24/7

Not some religious exercise. My motto: If someone has to tell you to do something,

there’s no Joy in it (or peace either).

Someone said:

"You carry all the ingredients to turn your life into a bad dream, don't mix them!…

...You carry all the ingredients to turn your existence into a happy one, Mix them, mix Them!"

And Dana said:

“Being a happy person is a practice, where in the midst of your life's daily demands and challenges, you practice being - and chose to be - happy and free. Sure, it's great to follow a recipe, especially in the beginning, but then you must make it your own. You must experiment and see what you discover, coming up with your own signature dish.”

And be not unsettled or resistant about God….a spiritual walk could be the very thing you need to change things around for you. We all have a spirit and long to be satisfied in that area. Try not to make the mistake of going for religion or new-age.  Jesus satisfies because He is a Person, the Friend of Friends….He is referred to as a Personal Savior….that’s because He is! Spend time in His presence each day – like you do with a love-one, and never look back.

If you are not ready for that, I have shown you ways to enhance your daily life. For me – after years of resistance – Jesus brings Peace to my heart and Joy in my steps. Inner Peace and Happiness, that’s what most people long for, is’nt  it?  To have Him on the inside is Peace to me and Joy on the outside because of a Reason to be Living – He has brought to me.

Whatever you benefit from in this article I wish you well. Look at it as if I wrote it personally to you.