Resting our Cares and Finding Peace

Posted on 4 October, 2014 at 5:08

My encouragement to you in this article is by exchanging our cares and concerns with the Peace of God is a wonderful place of REST to be in.

As you acquaint yourself with Him in simple trust, He becomes your STRENGTH for day to day living and His words become real to you – not religious – a blessing instead of something you wish to avoid. They shed light on your path.

We need to place things on God's shoulders because they are much bigger than ours. We reason things over until they become magnified often. Would we not be be better affording ourselves the peace that comes with resting and laying our cares down?

This is where words – in the bible – like “He does not give us a spirit of fear but of love and power and a sound mind” is of great benefit....and “His peace passes all understanding”. We can steady our eyes on Him.

Too much exposure to the stresses of life without His Peace to cushion you results in difficulties with health and decision making. A sense of His peace makes for lightness of heart....our minds can think clearly again and our mood levels benefit immensely.

He is not a God of confusion but of Peace”. Religions are confusing and so is the world but JESUS never. He said that “the Peace I give you is not like that of this world, but in Me (His Presence) you will find Peace”. So we can hide ourselves in God and find peace for our heart and mind. Then we can approach things from a place of rest instead of stress and life will be kinder to us. I wish you well, each one.

Maybe you have experienced this peace or rest and would like to comment.
2-8 lines - pleasant comments or helpful to readers please. Thank you for your input.

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