This is my Donations for Inspirations Page

where you donate a small amount

for Poems and Quotes and Sayings

and various inspirations

to print or read on your iPad or eBook Reader.

This way you can keep them at close reach!

They have some pretty pictures in them

to make it a pleasant experience.

Only $4.00 AUD = $3.00 USD for PDFs (each)

Janet's Friendship Poems

Mums and Nans Poems

 Mums and Nans Poems.pdf (PDF — 243 KB)

Babies and Children Poems

Faith - Love - Joy - Peace Is

Life Inspiration Poems

Chemistry of Laughter

Chemistry of Laughter.pdf (PDF — 400 KB)

Poems for Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers Video Links

Best List of Girls Names

Best List of Boys Names