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Latest Articles

Living in a Restless and Stressful Age

Stressful Age, Why are we Restless, Modern Living, The Missing Link!

More Living in Your Day/Evening

Restoring and Building Life into Your Day and Evening, Tired or Listless?

Beautiful Sunshine – What a Blessing

Sunshine Blessings, Give Yourself A Happy Lift!

Do not Miss

Steps to Bliss and Happiness

Simple Meditation, Visualize Nature, Thanks and Gratitude, Positive Energy, Refreshing

Resting our Cares and Finding Peace

Finding a Place of Peace, Strength for Living, How to handle stress Best

Sugar Is Not Natural - See Why

Sugar is Not Natural, Affect on Our Mood and Brain

Other Articles

Creative for Jesus - Previous Website Content

A Better Way, Relating Jesus Today, Expressing His Love, Be Creative like your Creator

The effect of Negative Words on our Health

Negative words effect our mood, We can speak uplifting words, A good way to live, Encouragements

Better Communications – A Real Health Need

Relating closely as family, Meaningful friendship times, Pace of modern living, Old fashion values

How we See Ourselves is Important

Power of Choice, TV Impacts Our Brain, Needing Time Out, Nutrition and Morale

When Sharing the Good News of Jesus

Sharing about Jesus, Keeping things Simple, How Constantine affected Christianity

Things that make for Positive Energy

Healthy Nervous Energy, When to Rest and when Not to, 5HTP and SAMe, Tips for Shifting Thoughts!

Winning against Procrastination

Beating Procrastination, Ideas to Try, Positive Energy is Important!

Update 16th March 2016

I have been working mostly with 2 other websites

for some months and taking some time off.

Now I wish to catch up with

Natural Mood Levels


Health Alerts

(my professional website)

I apologize for the delay.

Content will be as time permits

as I have a Nb of websites to run.

I am however making my own Website Directory

at present with Links and Descriptions.

Will let you know when I publish it.