Happy Babies and Toddlers make Happy Mums

Let me show you Some Ways

Babies thrive on Love

even if you can't breast-feed

It is best to breast-feed if you can, this gives you baby the closest sense of connection and they thrive on mother's milk physically, emotionally and mentally. It gives them a good start in life. There are unique nutritional properties in mother's milk. So choose that way if you can. If you cannot for some reason, remember that babies also thrive on love - as do toddlers - cuddle your baby closely like this mother in the picture above. Also, many mothers are distracted with other things often when feeding_ try to make this time intimate with your child.

The Quietness of a Baby's Room

is so important - please remember

These days, babies are exposed to a lot of interaction in the lounge room and living room. While communications are important for them with family and friends, nice quiet times in their room - a bedroom if you don't have one - is so vital. This also encourages good sleeping habits so many babies and toddlers are missing out on. This makes babies tired and fretful, and toddlers grumpy as well. They need times of undivided attention that is just for them.

Earliest Messages a child's Brain receives

have a Profound Impact

Early brain development is the foundation of human adaptability and resilience, but these qualities come at a price. Because experiences have such a great potential to affect brain development, children are especially vulnerable to persistent negative influences during this period. On the other hand, these early years are a window of opportunity for parents, caregivers, and communities: positive early experiences have a huge effect on children’s chances for achievement, success, and happiness.